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Every Step Counts

Help a child like Nirmala walk again.

Every Step Counts - Help a child like Nirmala

© Lucas Veuve / Handicap International

Say HI to an extraordinary child. Say hello to Nirmala.

Nirmala loves sliding down bannisters, playing with her friends and spending far too much time glued to a screen. Just an ordinary 8-year-old!

Except, a year ago Nirmala lost her right leg when a wall fell on her during the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Imagine the terror of being caught in an earthquake and waking up in the chaos of a hospital overwhelmed by injured people. She was hurt, lost, and very afraid.

Since that day, thanks to our physiotherapists, she's not just learned to walk again, but also how to laugh.


Will you please take a step to help more children like Nirmala?

Our Every Step Counts appeal will help more children like Nirmala take their first steps by supporting sustainable rehabilitation services in countries that need it most.

When you're learning to walk again after a life-changing injury, every step counts, no matter how small. But sadly, in countries such as Nepal, disabled and injured people struggle to access the care they need and can easily find themselves excluded and forgotten.

For children like Nirmala, every step counts. Will you take your first step today?

Every Step Counts

Donations to our Every Step Counts appeal were matched by the UK government from 18th April to 18th July 2016. This opportunity has now ended, but you can still donate to support disabled and injured people!

Please donate today

Your gift today could go towards providing artificial limbs, walking aids and physiotherapy to disabled children in need of support. Your donation will go to countries where we provide disabled people with essential rehabilitation care, including Nepal, Jordan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thank you.

Published 18/04/16

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Tribute to our colleague Ali and his son Wisam Event

Tribute to our colleague Ali and his son Wisam

It is with a heavy heart that Humanity & Inclusion announces the death of our colleague Ali. Ali, who was 35 years old, was killed in a heinous attack in the Middle-East on the 2nd of June, just before the start of the Eid holiday that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The attack that killed him also killed multiple others, including Ali’s 5-year old son Wisam.

UN Security Council recognises the rights of people with disabilities in armed conflicts
© Martin Crep/HI
Emergency Inclusion Rights

UN Security Council recognises the rights of people with disabilities in armed conflicts

For the first time ever, the United Nations Security Council has adopted a Resolution on persons with disabilities in armed conflict. This represents a significant step forward for people with disabilities, who are particularly at risk in crisis situations and often overlooked in humanitarian assistance.

Weapons clearance drones
© HI
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Weapons clearance drones

Since last January, HI and its partner Mobility Robotics have been trialing the use of drones to support weapons clearance experts in Faya-Largeau, northern Chad.