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First steps before returning to school


Yamin is a 4 year old girl who lives in the region of Tripoli. She has mild cerebral palsy since birth. With Handicap International she is beginning to learn how to walk.

Yasmin with her father in the reeducation center | Handicap International

Her father works and her mother is a housewife. They have two little girls including Yasmin. With her cerebral palsy, she has problems with balance and difficulties walking without support.  Before meeting Handicap International, she had never been able to walk because her father could not afford the care she needed.” Mohammed Abufayed, one of HI’s Social Workers.  

Handicap International met Yasmin in August 2017 thanks to the humanitarian teams already on site and welcomed her and her father to the clinic in Al-Falah camp in Tripoli. Yasmin received physiotherapy, psychosocial support, as well as wheelchair and a walker.
The association also informed the family on health centers where they could obtain the necessary care for the health of their daughter. She is now able to go to school, which is a real change in her childhood, and to get to her rehabilitation sessions more easily.

Since December 2016, Handicap International has set up mobile teams to meet displaced persons and refugees in Tripoli and its periphery to identify vulnerable persons including people with disabilities, to provide, where necessary, the equipment they need (wheelchairs, crutches ...) provide rehabilitation or psychological assistance, or refer them to existing services. In parallel, Handicap International provides technical support to 11 health centers. Since December 2016, Handicap International has assessed and provided assistance to 1,850 beneficiaries.

Date published: 13/10/17


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