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Haiti Earthquake: 9 years on, HI continues to ensure access to rehabilitation services for the most vulnerable 09/01/19

Since the huge earthquake hit Haiti on 12th January 2010, Humanity & Inclusion has continued to work alongside the victims and provide assistance, in particular high quality rehabilitation services.

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Celebrating rehabilitation in Haiti 30/11/17

Handicap International (HI) organised several events in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December as part of its efforts to engage the authorities on rehabilitation issues. These events included a photo exhibition and a concert by the singer B.I.C. - a star in Haiti and the organisation’s ambassador. 

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Hurricane season: Haitians at risk 02/10/17

4th October, 2017, marks one year since Hurricane Matthew ravaged southern Haiti. 140mph winds and severe flooding caused 603 deaths and the widespread loss of homes, livestock and infrastructure. Handicap International is helping Haitians to cope with the 2017 hurricane season.

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Hurricane Irma in Haiti: No let-up in support for the most vulnerable people 13/09/17

Hurricane Irma caused extensive damage in the Caribbean and along the US coast, leaving a trail of victims in its wake. Wind and rain has caused extensive damage in the northeast of Haiti but, despite fears of a disaster, the country has escaped the worst of the storm. Nevertheless, Handicap International remains committed to helping the most vulnerable families, who are more likely to be affected during disasters.

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Haiti: Assessing the needs of the most vulnerable people 08/09/17

As Hurricane Irma heads towards Cuba, the situation in northern Haiti appears to be less critical than previously feared. Depending on the results of initial rapid assessments, Handicap International may deploy a team tomorrow to meet with the most vulnerable individuals.

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Haiti: Helping isolated families prepare for disasters 07/09/17

Although regularly hit by natural disasters, Haiti’s population remains highly vulnerable due to the country’s frail infrastructure and ill-equipped emergency services. In recent years, Handicap International’s disaster risk prevention projects have been working to help the most isolated people protect themselves.

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Hurricane Irma in Haiti: Preparing for major logistical challenge 07/09/17

After causing devastation on several Caribbean islands, including Puerto Rico and Saint-Martin, Hurricane Irma was heading towards Haiti late on Thursday evening. Haiti is regularly hit by major natural disasters and Handicap International’s teams are expecting to face serious problems accessing the worst-affected areas. Many families will need help for months to come.

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Hurricane Irma in Haiti: “We’re worried about the most vulnerable people” 07/09/17

Within the last few hours, several Caribbean islands, including Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, have been hit by hurricane Irma, causing extensive damage. The hurricane is now moving towards the north of Haiti. Present in the country, Handicap International’s teams are concerned for the welfare of the most vulnerable people, who have very limited means to protect themselves.

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Hurricane Irma: Handicap International on standby in Haiti 06/09/17

Hurricane Irma could make landfall in Haiti late on Thursday 7th September. Already present in Haiti, Handicap International’s teams are on high alert as they prepare to respond to the disaster.

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Haiti: The impact of our emergency response, four months on from Hurricane Matthew 01/03/17

Four months after Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, many people still need humanitarian aid. Handicap International has distributed emergency kits and household items to one thousand homes, benefiting more than 4,700 people affected by the disaster. The organisation has also transported more than 270 tonnes of humanitarian equipment to people living in remote areas.

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700 emergency kits distributed in Haiti: “many victims were yet to receive aid” 11/01/17

Handicap International is continuing its work to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew, three months after the hurricane swept through Haiti. Over 700 emergency kits have just been distributed to victims of the disaster, enabling them to rebuild their homes and improve their living conditions.

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Seven years after the earthquake in Haiti, Handicap International continues to improve rehabilitation services 11/01/17

On 12 January 2010, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake which killed 230,000 people and injured over 300,000. Handicap International took action immediately after the disaster to provide assistance to the victims. Seven years later, the organisation is still working the country to ensure Haitians have access to rehabilitation services. 

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Haiti: 54 tonnes of humanitarian aid transported 25/11/16

More than one month after Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti on 4th October 2016, 1.4 million people still need immediate humanitarian aid. Handicap International is continuing its emergency response and the organisation’s logistics platform is transporting humanitarian aid by road and sea.

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Haiti: Hurricane Matthew continues to wreak havoc 10/11/16

One month on from Hurricane Matthew, 1.4 million people in Haiti still need humanitarian aid. The south and north of the country were also recently hit by intense rainfall, and many roads are completely blocked by floods. Handicap International continues to provide emergency response to victims of the disaster.

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Massive needs in Haiti but lack of funds for hurricane victims 27/10/16

Three weeks after Hurricane Matthew hit the southwest and northwest of Haiti on 4th October, 1.4 million Haitians still need humanitarian aid. To help the most vulnerable people, Handicap International has deployed a team of nine emergency specialists to areas affected by the hurricane.

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