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Fayaz, 5: If I grow, will my legs grow too? 14/12/16

Kashmir, India. When Fayaz was 3-years-old, his legs were injured by an explosive shell. One year later, Humanity & Inclusion fitted him with artificial limbs. Back on his feet again, he’s now a budding cricket star.

  • India

Inclusive cricket match: “For the first time in my life, I forgot I had a disability” 13/07/16

Baramulla Tigers against the Kupwara Tigers. In early June 2016, Handicap International organized the first ever cricket match to include players with and without disabilities at Handwara degree college, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. A big success and an opportunity to promote the inclusion of young people with disabilities in society.

  • India

Prevention, care and recovery in Jammu and Kashmir 13/07/16

Handicap International provides risk education in Jammu and Kashmir about the explosive remnants of war that contaminate the ground in villages close to border with Pakistan. The organisation also provides rehabilitation care to the most vulnerable people.

  • India

Handicap International launches new project to prevent landmine accidents in Jammu and Kashmir 10/06/15

Over 60 years of conflict have left the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir heavily polluted by landmines and other explosive weapons. Accidents are frequent and half of all the victims are local people often employed the military. Although Urdu is the first language of most people in the state, many of the signs that warn people about the proximity of these weapons are in Hindi.

  • India

Sumaira, the hope of living an independent life 23/04/15

Sumaira, 8 years old, was born with the congenital development disorder Spina Bifida . Despite her parents' best efforts to provide her with care, Sumaira is unable to stand up and walk unaided. Before she started receiving care from Handicap International, she was fully dependent on her parents for all her day-to-day needs.

  • India