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HI is helping over 85,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh 04/09/19

Two years after the mass influx of Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh, Humanity & Inclusion is still conducting emergency response work in the country.

  • Bangladesh

Bangladesh: greater role for fathers in maternal support 24/05/19

HI has supplied more than 800 men with information on how to be ‘responsible’ fathers in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

  • Bangladesh

One year on, almost one million Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh 26/09/18

Since August 2017, more than 700,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar for Cox's Bazaar in Bangladesh, where Humanity & Inclusion is providing assistance to more than 30,000 people.

  • Bangladesh

HI opens first-ever inclusive playground in Bangladesh 01/08/18

With support from IKEA Foundation, Humanity & Inclusion constructed and opened its first-ever inclusive playground in Teknaf district, Bangladesh. Since opening day, the playground has become a place filled with children, with and without disabilities, playing and laughing together.

  • Bangladesh

Torrential rain in Bangladesh: more than 9,000 Rohingya refugees affected 18/07/18

More than 9,000 Rohingya refugees have been affected by floods and landslides in Bangladesh since June. HI’s teams continue to assist affected populations.

  • Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Rohingya refugees brace for rain and cyclones 05/04/18

The largest refugee camp in the world is built on tree-stripped hills in a flood-prone area of southern Bangladesh. With annual rains expected to arrive in April and the threat of cyclones looming, Humanity & Inclusion staff in the camps are extremely concerned about the impact of flooding and landslides on the most vulnerable people.

  • Bangladesh

“I realised how drastically his life had changed” 09/01/18

HI physiotherapist, Farhana, works in Kutupalong camp in Bangladesh, which has become one of the largest refugee settlements in the world. Ibrahim is one of more than 600,000 Rohingya refugees who fled when violence broke out in Myanmar in August 2017 and one of many who sustained life-changing injuries. Farhana shares her experience of meeting Ibrahim and the progress they have made.

  • Bangladesh

Psychological support for Rohingya parents and children in refugee camps 23/11/17

Ayesha Begum is 22 years old. In early September, she took refuge in Bangladesh where, with her three children, she joined her brothers in a temporary shelter on the edge of Kutupalong camp. Her husband is dead. She takes part in a parents’ club organised by HI, which provides psychosocial support to mothers living as refugees.

  • Bangladesh

Rohingya crisis: Life as a refugee with a disability 23/11/17

Abu Sadeq is one of 600,000 Rohingya people who have fled Myanmar since 25th August 2017. Seriously injured in an attack, he describes his life in Uchinprang camp, in Bangladesh.

  • Bangladesh

Rohingya crisis: improving aid distributions 27/10/17

More than 600,000 Rohingya people have fled to Bangladesh since 25th August from neighbouring Myanmar. Handicap International is taking emergency action to assist these refugees, who are utterly destitute. Logistics platform coordinator Emmanuel Pajot arrived on the ground two weeks ago to address the logistics and emergency distribution problems related to the crisis. Below, he describes the complexity of the humanitarian situation.

  • Bangladesh

“Rohingya refugees live in inhumane conditions” 26/10/17

More than 600,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since 25th August from neighbouring Myanmar. Handicap International is providing these refugees, who are utterly destitute, with emergency humanitarian assistance. Gilles Nouziès, manager of Handicap International’s Asia desk, travelled to Bangladesh to organise these activities with our teams. Below, he describes the appalling humanitarian situation.

  • Bangladesh

Rohingya crisis two months on: refugees living in appalling conditions 23/10/17

More than 600,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since 25th August from neighbouring Myanmar. HI has implemented a series of emergency actions to support Rohingya refugees who, having escaped, now live in utter destitution. Over the last two months, the organisation has already supplied humanitarian assistance to around 20,000 of the most vulnerable people.

  • Bangladesh

Bangladesh crisis: Handicap International steps up its emergency assistance 16/10/17

More than 500,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since the end of August from neighbouring Myanmar. Handicap International is stepping up its humanitarian aid effort in response to this crisis, which is unprecedented in the region. Since 25th August, the organisation has already supplied humanitarian assistance to 15,000 people.

  • Bangladesh

The Rohingya crisis is a major crisis 10/10/17

What is a major humanitarian crisis? Vanessa Cardamone, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Handicap International, was in Bangladesh in mid-September to help the organisation's teams in the country respond to this new crisis. She explains the specificities of the Rohingya crisis.

  • Bangladesh

Logistics plan to improve access to humanitarian aid for Rohingya refugees 05/10/17

Handicap International’s logistics platform coordinator, Emmanuel Pajot, will arrive in Bangladesh this week to tackle the transport problems currently hampering the distribution of humanitarian assistance in the district of Cox’s Bazaar, on the border with Myanmar. He hopes to provide humanitarian organisations with logistical solutions to improve the support to 500,000 refugees present in the region.

  • Bangladesh