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Fayaz, 5: If I grow, will my legs grow too? 14/12/16

Kashmir, India. When Fayaz was 3-years-old, his legs were injured by an explosive shell. One year later, Humanity & Inclusion fitted him with artificial limbs. Back on his feet again, he’s now a budding cricket star.

  • India

This Christmas, thousands of children are wishing for peace 14/12/16

As the year draws to a close, Aleema Shivji, Director of Handicap International UK, remembers children living in conflict zones all over the world, whose only wish for 2017 is peace.

  • United Kingdom

Malake, 6, Syria: “I want to play with my dolls again” 12/12/16

Malake, 6, is from Syria. Three years ago she was injured in a mortar attack on her city. Handicap International and its local partner are providing Malake with rehabilitation care. The organisation is able to assist the population with support from the EU’s humanitarian aid and civil protection service (ECHO) and its local partner in Syria.

  • Syria

Worood, 8, Syria: “I’d like to clap my hands like the other children” 12/12/16

Worood, 8, is from Syria. In February 2013, she lost her arm after she and her family were injured in a bombing. For several weeks, Handicap International’s partner in Syria has been providing her with physiotherapy care. The organisation is able to assist Worood with support from the EU’s humanitarian aid and civil protection service (ECHO) and its local partner in Syria.

  • Syria

Indonesia earthquake: Handicap International assessing needs in worst-affected areas 07/12/16

More than 90 people were killed and 270 injured after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia's Aceh province on Wednesday 7th December. Already present in the country, Handicap International is assessing the needs of those affected in preparation for a possible emergency response.

  • Indonesia

Every child has the right to play, wherever they live in the world 07/12/16

Aleema Shivji, Director of Handicap International UK, blogs about a new campaign with IKEA Fuundation to create inclusive playgrounds where vulnerable refugee children can feel safe to play and learn.

  • Thailand
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan

Hana, Iraq: “I’m scared for my daughter 06/12/16

Nearly one month ago, Sinat’s family arrived in Khazer camp, where some 30,000 people who have fled Mosul and its surroundings now live. Sinat has cerebral palsy and her parents are worried about her health. She was recently visited by one of Handicap International’s teams, who immediately began providing her with physiotherapy care.

  • Iraq

Tiba, Iraq: “I’d like to go to school” 06/12/16

Two weeks ago, Tiba fled the city of Mosul with her family and took refuge in Khazer camp for displaced people, not too far from the front lines. To make her life easier and to help her move around, Handicap International will shortly provide her with mobility aids.

  • Iraq

Reema, Iraq: “I dream of returning home” 05/12/16

Reema is 72. She is from Gogjali, a village located near the city of Mosul. Three weeks ago, she fled the fighting and arrived in Khazer camp for displaced people, with her family. Suffering from several illnesses, she only survives with their help. Handicap International’s emergency team paid her a visit. 

  • Iraq

Campaigners and school students say Stop Bombing Civilians 02/12/16

The UK's biggest grassroots campaign in support of the forgotten victims of conflict has begun. Now in its eighth year, the Forgotten 10 Challenge will see campaigners and school students holding events between 1st and 10th December to raise awareness and funds for people and communities affected by conflict in countries like Syria and Afghanistan.

  • United Kingdom

Mosul: Handicap International launches emergency response 30/11/16

Over the last six weeks, more than 75,000 people have fled the fighting in Mosul and its surrounding area.  Handicap International has deployed a dozen field mobile teams to assist people displaced by the conflict. The organisation is providing rehabilitation care and psychosocial support in the main displacement areas.  

  • Iraq

New guidance to better include people with disabilities in emergency aid 29/11/16

In two years' time, NGOs, Disabled People's Organisations and States will have a practical guide on how to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities in humanitarian aid. Handicap International, along with two partners, has been tasked by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) with undertaking this project. Ricardo Pla Cordero, the Technical Advisor on Inclusion in Humanitarian Action at Handicap International, explains why this is so important.

Achieving equal rights for people with disabilities: The CRPD 10 years on 29/11/16

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. Priscille Geiser, Head of the Support for Civil Society unit at Handicap International, looks back at the history of the Convention, why it came into being, and the progress it has instigated for people with disabilities.

Haiti: 54 tonnes of humanitarian aid transported 25/11/16

More than one month after Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti on 4th October 2016, 1.4 million people still need immediate humanitarian aid. Handicap International is continuing its emergency response and the organisation’s logistics platform is transporting humanitarian aid by road and sea.

  • Haiti