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61,520 signatures handed in at Downing Street to help save lives and limbs 05/03/15

Supporters and representatives of Handicap International UK delivered a petition at Downing Street yesterday urging the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to ensure that UK Aid helps save the lives and limbs of civilians affected by conflict. An incredible 61,520 people added their voices to the petition online and at events around the UK to raise awareness about the victims of landmines and unexploded bombs.

Being there for the victims of the Syria crisis 04/03/15

The Syria conflict has disrupted the lives of 12 million people, of which 3.3 million have sought refuge in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan.

  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria

“Before, people stared at me because I was disabled, now they look at me because I am a good dancer” 02/03/15

‘For years I’ve been watching dance programs on television and I always thought I’d never be able to dance myself’, says Reema (12) proudly, while she decorates herself with a traditional Nepalese dance outfit. Since she received a leg prosthesis from Handicap International, the always-smiling girl is realizing her wildest dream: she shines in dance competitions.

  • Nepal

Mines are still putting a brake on development: On the road with a team of landmine surveyors in Chad pt.2 20/02/15

In the second of a two-part travelogue, Denis Ricca, who is leading a team of explosive remnants of war surveyors describes his team’s work with local communities in Moyen-Charir, a region of southern Chad. The work of the surveyors is an important first step before full demining activities begin.

  • Cambodia

Your cattle may be in danger: On the road with a team of landmine surveyors in Chad 19/02/15

In this travelogue, Denis Ricca, the manager of Handicap International’s team of surveyors in Chad describes the challenge of identifying areas of land that are contaminated by explosive remnants of war. Denis talks through the team's activities during a 12-day visit, which included sessions to raise awareness in communities about the risks posed.
Decades of conflict have left a deadly legacy of landmines and other explosive remnants of war in Chad. In October 2014 Handicap International launched new activities to clear land of explosive weapons and help people and communities affected.


2.7 million displaced persons: an extremely worrying crisis 17/02/15

Adèle Bourdy, Head of Mission for Handicap International in the emergency context of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), describes the alarming humanitarian situation in the country.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Monica is back on her feet 10/02/15

One morning last August in a South Sudan camp, nine-year-old Monica woke up with a high temperature, unable to get up.

  • South Sudan

Ebola: “We mustn’t let our guard down too soon” 03/02/15

Bruno Leclerc is Handicap International's Programme Director in Sierra Leone and Liberia. With a fall in the number of ebola cases, Bruno speaks about the current situation and his hopes for the future.

  • Liberia
  • Sierra Leone

Handicap International to expand demining operations in Laos 30/01/15

Handicap International is expanding its mine clearance activities in Laos to a fourth district.

Forty years after the end of the Vietnam war, cluster munitions and explosive remnants of war in Laos still claim an average of one victim per week. Handicap International has worked in the country since 1983 and is currently clearing mines in three districts, Nong, Sepone and Vilabuly, in the Savannakhet province in the east of Laos. In 2015 Phine will become the fourth district to benefit from demining.


  • Laos

“I wanted a prosthetic leg so they would stop harassing me” 26/01/15

Fourteen-year-old Firas had just returned home from school in Syria when his house was shelled. Shrapnel from the explosion flew through the air at the speed of a bullet, hitting Firas in his legs. He was rushed to hospital across the border in Lebanon but his injuries were so bad that his right leg had to be amputated.

  • Lebanon
  • Syria

Kanha, 17, Cambodia: I think I was very lucky 26/01/15

In 2005, seven-year-old Kanha was playing in her family's courtyard when her father came home from his fields. He brought home a rusty metal object - scrap metal he planned to sell.

  • Cambodia

We jumped into our cars leaving everything behind us 23/01/15

Ali is 65 years old. He is currently living in the governorate of Dohuk with 24 other members of his family. Three years ago he had a stroke which left him with severely reduced mobility in his left leg. He therefore finds it difficult to get about and to perform certain day-to-day tasks. With support from Handicap International, Ali has seen his mobility improve.

  • Iraq