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OLD: Aleppo – Bombing of civilians

The bombing and shelling of the city of Aleppo in northern Syria has intensified in recent days, killing and injuring hundreds of civilians. 

Horrified by these atrocities against civilians, Handicap International condemns the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, a tragically common feature of current conflicts, including in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Ukraine. Ninety percent of casualties are civilians. It is high time the international community took action to end this barbaric practice. Indiscriminate or deliberate attacks against civilians are a violation of international law.

The use of explosive weapons in populated areas kills civilians and causes suffering and serious injuries (burns, open wounds, fractures, etc.), permanent disabilities and psychological trauma. It displaces people from their homes and destroys vital infrastructures such as homes, schools and hospitals.

During attacks, some weapons do not explode on impact, posing a permanent threat to civilian lives long after a conflict is over. The presence of explosive remnants of war makes it dangerous for people to return to their homes once an attack is over or the conflict has ended.

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Eddie Ndopu speaks up for inclusive education in Rwanda
© Neil Thomas/HI
Inclusion Rights

Eddie Ndopu speaks up for inclusive education in Rwanda

Last year, we were delighted to welcome disability & human rights activist Eddie Ndopu to HI as our new Ambassador. We recently caught up with Eddie in Rwanda, where he was visiting our inclusive education projects in and around Kigali.

Blog: More proof that a small group of campaigners can change the world
© ISNA Agency / HI
Explosive weapons Rights

Blog: More proof that a small group of campaigners can change the world

Aleema Shivji, Executive Director of Humanity & Inclusion UK, explains how recent events bring us one step closer to protecting civilians caught in armed conflict.

Western Mosul: ghost town
© Fanny Mraz / HI
Emergency Rehabilitation

Western Mosul: ghost town

Between October 2016 and July 2017, Mosul, in Nineveh province, was the scene of heavy fighting. The intensive use of explosive weapons such as bombs and improvised mines was particularly destructive in the western half of the city. More than 500,000 people are still displaced in camps.