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OLD: What we do


We transform peoples’ lives by providing artificial limbs, physiotherapy and mobility aids. By setting up rehabilitation centres and training local professionals, we make a long-lasting difference to disabled people and their communities.


Disabled and vulnerable people often struggle to access vital aid and services during crises such as conflicts and natural disasters. Our emergency experts are there to make sure that no-one is forgotten.

We provide healthcare and rehabilitation services, ensure that water and sanitation are accessible, distribute emergency aid, and build shelters adapted to the specific needs of disabled people.

Explosive weapons

Our experts train local teams of deminers to clear landmines and unexploded weapons, saving lives and limbs. We educate local communities about the risks to help prevent accidents. And our rehabilitation specialists provide survivors with care and support to help rebuild their lives.

We campaign worldwide against these deadly weapons and work alongside survivors to ensure their needs are not forgotten.

Health and prevention

Our teams work to limit the impact of disabling conditions like HIV & AIDS and diabetes among vulnerable and disabled people. By supporting health and social care systems, we ensure disabled people can access the services they need.

Inclusion and rights

Disabled people are generally the poorest of the poor, facing exclusion and denied their basic human rights. We work with disabled people of all ages to make sure they are included in every aspect of society.

Our projects give disabled children the chance to get an education, create better job opportunities for disabled people, promote inclusive sports and improve the accessibility of homes, buildings and services.

We also work alongside people with disabilities and their organisations, supporting them to advocate for their rights and get their voices heard.