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Press coverage

Highlights from recent press coverage of Humanity & Inclusion's work.

Highlights from recent press coverage of HI's work are listed below.

These articles were facilitated by our UK press team, who provided information and support to the journalist and facilitated access to our projects on the ground, where necessary.

'I'm a living manifestation of possibility': South Africa's emissary on disability – podcast
Small Changes, The Guardian Global Development podcast | 19th September 2018

Stigma and struggles: living with disability in Kenya – in pictures
Kate Holt, The Guardian Global Development | 24th July 2018

Helping those with disabilities around the globe
BBC News, In Pictures | 24th July 2018

The Woman Who Destroys Bombs
Earth's Natural Wonders, BBC1 | 7th March 2018

PSG star Neymar shows his skills on 39-foot chair outside United Nations as he's unveiled in new global charity role
Mirror Online | 15th August 2017

Neymar becomes goodwill ambassador for world's disabled
Reuters | 15th August 2017

Home Office accused of abandoning vulnerable Syrians after figures show just 5% of resettled refugees are disabled
The Independent | 8th August 2017

'Be strong' - Iraqis wounded in Mosul try trauma counselling to cope
Reuters | 13th April 2017

Giles Duley, photojournalist: ‘I promised my pictures could help Syrian war victims. At last, I’ve kept my word’
Giles Duley, The Observer New Review | 1st January 2017

Meet the British team that is the world's first able to open a specialist natural disaster field hospital within 72 hours - and they could be called out tomorrow
Mail Online | 24th December 2016

Children of war: maimed by terror and their fight for survival
Daily Record | 3rd December 2016

UK to provide £5m in aid to Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti
Mail Online via Press Association | 7th October 2016

Syria war: Battling on as a disabled refugee
Nikki Fox, Disability Correspondent, BBC News | 27th May 2016

In pictures: Four lives changed by Nepal earthquake
Alison Baskerville, BBC 'In Pictures' | 21st April 2016

Syria crisis: Disabled refugees' struggle in Jordan
BBC News | 28th March 2016

‘I’d like to go home to Syria but my children won’t survive’
Evening Standard | 16th November 2015

Given hope by a leg brace, the boy who calls himself Messi
Evening Standard | 13th November 2015

The children of Gaza who live with the legacy of war
Giles Duley, The Observer New Review | 22nd August 2015

Race to get medical aid to Nepal quake villages before monsoon strikes
Evening Standard | 4th June 2015

Five million Syrians at high risk of explosive weapons - study
Reuters World News | 12th May 2015

Thousands of Nepal quake survivors may face lifelong disabilities: aid workers
Reuters Healthcare | 29th April 2015

Nepal earthquake: Survivors left homeless and hungry
BBC News, Kathmandu | 27th April 2015

These families are just like yours — with one important difference
TED Ideas blog interview with Giles Duley | 24th October, 2014

The Invisible People (also available on YouTube)
Giles Duley, Unreported World | 10th October 2014

Syrian refugees: ‘We want to go home. That is our dream’
Giles Duley, The Observer New Review | 5th October 2014

After month of war, Gaza's disabled face shortages, isolation
Reuters World News | 10th August 2014

The physiotherapists helping disabled Syrians in Lebanon (from 26'30")
Outlook, BBC World Service | 23rd June 2014

Syrians adjust to life without limbs
Mail Online via Associated Press | 2nd April 2014

Syria's Refugees Are Wedged Between Hells
Giles Duley, Vice | 15th May 2013

Syrian refugees by Giles Duley
Giles Duley, The Guardian | 13th April 2013

Helping the child victims of Syria's civil war walk again
Caroline Hawley, BBC News | 3rd April 2013

Syria's Injured
Caroline Hawley, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme | 3rd April 2013

In pictures: Syria's injured refugees
Stuart Hughes, BBC 'In Pictures' | 3rd April 2013

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