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Humanity & Inclusion (HI) works alongside disabled and vulnerable people in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster.

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Explosive ordnance threatens returning Ukrainians

Explosive ordnance threatens returning Ukrainians 26/05/22

Some persons displaced by the war in Ukraine are beginning to return home, to cities contaminated by explosive ordnance. Humanity & Inclusion will prepare communities to identify hazards and adopt safe behaviours.


HI is supporting a mental health hotline in Ukraine 19/05/22

With rising mental health and psychosocial support needs, the volunteer hotline allows affected populations in Ukraine to access services any time, from anywhere.


Yemen: “People with disabilities are afraid to go outside.” 26/05/22

Life of people with disabilities in Yemen is desperate. Difficulties fleeing violence, accessing aid... Advocacy Advisor  for Humanity & Inclusion,Yasmine Daelman explains the situation.


Supporting growth in malnourished children: Pal’s story 14/06/22

Malnutrition prevented Pal from developing like other children his age. With Humanity & Inclusion's nutrition support and stimulation therapy, he can now sit, stand and walk on his own.