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Your own fundraising challenge

By organising a personal fundraising challenge or event, you could help change the lives of disabled children.

Erada, 7, and her cousin Hala, 4, trying out their prosthetic limbs at a rehabilitation centre in Yemen.

Erada, 7, and her cousin Hala, 4, who were victims of an air strike while they were playing at home in Yemen. | © ISNA Agency/HI

Raise funds that make a real impact

Whether you run, ride, bake or sing to raise funds, the money you raise could give an amputee like Youssef the chance to walk again, make a community safe from the threat of landmines, or ensure that a disabled person is not left behind in a natural disaster.

Sign up for your fundraising pack

Our free fundraising action pack is full of great ideas to help make your efforts a success. Download it now and get inspired!

Alternatively, to find out how you could get involved please contact our Supporter Care team by email or call us on 0330 555 0156.

Published 15/01/16