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"Please don't forget Afghanistan in this difficult time" 22/11/21

Mohammad Rasool is base coordinator for Humanity & Inclusion in Afghanistan, managing our work in Kandahar and Nimroz provinces where our teams are providing rehabilitation and psychosocial support. In this interview, Mohammad describes the situation on the ground at the moment.

  • Afghanistan

Sierra Leone: HI makes schools accessible to children with disabilities 22/11/21

Fatmata, 15,  has motor speech difficulties and uses a wheelchair due to a physical impairment. Thanks to Humanity & Inclusion's intervention, a lot of adaptation work has been done to Fatmata's school to make it accessible to children with disabilities.

  • Sierra Leone

COP26 report: Raising awareness on disability inclusive climate action 22/11/21

After this year’s UN Climate Change Conference, Humanity & Inclusion's representatives share their experience and the organisation’s next steps for including disability in climate action

  • International

Freetown: HI is supporting people impacted by the explosion 17/11/21

More than one hundred people were killed in an explosion in Sierra Leone, on 5 November. After assessing needs on the ground, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is moving on to the next stage of its actions to support people impacted by the explosion.

  • Sierra Leone

HI supports access to education in Chad 16/11/21

Humanity & Inclusion contributed to the construction of the only school in the village of Ngourtou Koumboua which is home to over 7,000 people displaced by violence.

  • Chad

HI mobilises support after lethal explosion in Freetown 12/11/21

More than one hundred people were killed when a fuel tanker hit a heavy goods lorry and exploded on 5th November in the district of Wellington in Freetown. HI is working to assist the casualties.

  • Sierra Leone

Innovation: HI develops a telerehabilitation software 09/11/21

In Vietnam, Humanity & Inclusion launches the OpenTeleRehab software designed to provide rehabilitation services to isolated populations.

  • Vietnam

OpenTeleRehab: Q&A with HI Project Manager 09/11/21

Martin Jacobs, telerehabilitation Project Manager, answers common questions about the new telerehabilitation software that Humanity & Inclusion is launching in Vietnam

  • Vietnam

COP26: Humanity & Inclusion attends global climate conference 08/11/21

Humanity & Inclusion attends COP26 and calls on States to include people with disabilities in disaster risk reduction and climate action protocol.

  • International

Inclusive employment: HI promotes the employment of young people with disabilities 08/11/21

In the Philippines and Indonesia, Humanity & Inclusion is addressing a problem that young people with disabilities face every day: unemployment or underemployment.

  • Indonesia
  • Philippines

HI helping vulnerable people navigate Covid-19 in Uganda 08/11/21

Humanity & Inclusion's teams are helping the most vulnerable people to meet their needs and promotes prevention and public health measures.

  • Uganda

Palestinians’ daily struggle for survival 27/10/21

Following the escalation of violence last May, the lives of people in Gaza has worsened, as the Gaza Strip was already struggling with poverty and underdevelopment. Humanity & Inclusion supports the most vulnerable.

  • Palestine

HI trains and supports mine clearance specialists in Cambodia 22/10/21

HI trains mine clearance specialists from the Cambodia Self-Help Demining (CSHD) association, which has already cleared 7 km2 of land since 2008, equivalent to 70 football fields.

  • Cambodia

"No safe recovery": New report on Iraq and explosive weapons 12/10/21

Published on 13th October, Humanity & Inclusion’s report “No safe recovery: The impact of Explosive Ordnance contamination on affected populations in Iraq” paints a harrowing picture of the daily lives of Iraqis.

  • United Kingdom
  • International
  • Iraq

UK’s Special Envoy for Girls’ Education visits projects in Nepal 08/10/21

Helen Grant visited Nepal to see the work being done with the support of UK aid to help girls get a quality education.

  • United Kingdom
  • Nepal