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Gaza: HI launches urgent response to support thousands of injured people 16/05/18

The number of people seriously injured during protests in Gaza continues to rise. HI field teams are responding with local partners to provide urgent rehabilitation care, mobility aids and psychosocial support to injured adults and children.

  • Palestine

Three years after the Nepal earthquake, HI continues to assist victims 25/04/18

More than 8,000 people were killed and 22,000 injured when an earthquake hit Nepal three years ago. Already present in the field, HI launched an immediate response in aid of those affected, providing assistance to more than 15,000 people.

  • Nepal

Incredible Ramesh sets his sights on the Paralympic Games 25/04/18

When an earthquake hit Nepal on 25th April 2015, Ramesh, 18, found himself buried, fully conscious, under the rubble. Badly injured, he lost both legs. After receiving rehabilitation care and prostheses with support from HI, he’s back on his feet and training for the next Paralympic Games.

  • Nepal

Nepal earthquake: “When the ground stopped shaking, it was total devastation” 25/04/18

Sudan Rimal, 29, works as a physiotherapist for HI in Nepal. Since the country was hit by an earthquake on 25th April 2015, he has assisted hundreds of casualties, providing them with rehabilitation care and helping them learn to walk again. This is his personal account.

  • Nepal

Nepal earthquake: Nirmala and Khendo still inseperable, three years on 25/04/18

On 25 April 2015, Nepal was hit by a violent earthquake. Hundreds of kilometres apart, Nirmala and Khendo were both buried under the rubble. Rushed to hospital, they each had a leg amputated. This is where they met, attended rehabilitation sessions with HI’s physiotherapists, and learned to walk. Three years on, they are almost never apart and even go to school together.

  • Nepal

Bangladesh: Rohingya refugees brace for rain and cyclones 05/04/18

The largest refugee camp in the world is built on tree-stripped hills in a flood-prone area of southern Bangladesh. With annual rains expected to arrive in April and the threat of cyclones looming, Humanity & Inclusion staff in the camps are extremely concerned about the impact of flooding and landslides on the most vulnerable people.

  • Bangladesh

“We need to carry on helping these refugees” 13/03/18

Syria’s seven-year conflict has devastated the country, resulting in unprecedented population movements. More than five million Syrian refugees are living in neighbouring countries, including more than one million in Lebanon. Mariam has been working as a physiotherapist for Humanity & Inclusion (HI) in Lebanon ever since the organisation launched its response in the country. Below, she describes a day in her life supporting refugees.

  • Lebanon
  • Syria

International Women's Day: Women with disabilities almost ten times more likely to experience sexual violence 05/03/18

On 8th March, International Women's Day, HI is calling attention to the fact that more than one in three women experience violence in their lifetime, and women with disabilities are particularly at risk. HI's work aims to prevent violence and provide women with psychological and medical support.

  • International

Tune in to see HI's demining work in Laos featured on BBC1 05/03/18

The BBC recently visited Humanity & Inclusion’s team in Laos to film our incredible deminers! Tune in to watch Earth’s Natural Wonders on BBC1 at 9pm on Wednesday 7th March.

  • United Kingdom
  • Laos

Laos: The deminer protecting others from her father’s fate 05/03/18

The U.S. dropped more than two million tonnes of bombs on Laos during the Vietnam War. Humanity & Inclusion’s demining teams have been clearing deadly unexploded ordnance (UXO) in the country since 2006. HI deminer Lumngen, also a mother of two, explains what her job involves and what motivates her to do this challenging work.

  • Laos

Sri Lanka: giving women a voice 28/02/18

Following years of conflict in Sri Lanka, HI implemented a project with the support of the US Department of State to increase the involvement of women, especially women with disabilities, in the country’s reconciliation process.

  • Sri Lanka

Explosive remnants of war: children with disabilities need access to risk education 28/02/18

In Gaza, HI is working to ensure that all children, including disabled children can access risk education to prevent accidents.

  • Palestine

Humanity & Inclusion condemns the unending bombardment of besieged Eastern Ghouta 22/02/18

The extreme escalation of bombardment in the besieged area of Eastern Ghouta in the past 48 hours has caused more than 200 civilian deaths and extensive damage to infrastructure – particularly hospitals, clinics and shelters where civilians are taking refuge. 390,000 civilians are besieged under heavy shelling, airstrikes and barrel bomb attacks in the enclave of Eastern Ghouta, with dwindling water, food and medical supplies.

  • International
  • Syria

Investing in Maternal and Child Health in Togo 19/02/18

HI is improving health facilities for pregnant women and newborns in the maritime region of Togo. Thanks to these interventions, neonatal mortality is expected to fall by 20% by the end of 2019.

  • Togo

HI warns that abuse of beneficiaries is unacceptable 16/02/18

Following revelations of unacceptable behaviour by humanitarian personnel, HI has warned that such acts cannot be tolerated or justified under any circumstances.

  • International