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Stop Bombing Civilians: Email your MP

Humanity & Inclusion is taking the Stop Bombing Civilians campaign to the UK Parliament and we need your support. Here is how you can take action now by emailing your MP.

Nada, 10, lost her leg and was badly injured in the chest and face in a bombing in Mosul in April 2017.

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Humanity & Inclusion are taking the Stop Bombing Civilians campaign to the UK Parliament and we need your support. 

The number of civilians killed by explosive weapons has more than doubled over the past seven years.

Urgent action is needed to protect civilians - you can take action now by emailing your MP.

Take action: Email your MP

Use the form at the bottom of this page to find out who your MP is and send them a message via writetothem.com.

Here are some guidelines for how to write an effective message to your MP.


  • It is important that you use your own words. An original letter sent by one passionate constituent is far more powerful than several identical messages. The points below should be used only as a guide - messages that have been copied and pasted are blocked by the writetothem.com website.
  • Please be polite and concise when writing to your MP.

What to include in your message

  • Introduce yourself as a constituent. Many MPs will only respond to emails from their constituents so you could say what street you live on.
  • Say that you are writing about Humanity & Inclusion’s Stop Bombing Civilians campaign, which is calling on the UK and all States worldwide to better protect civilians from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.

Key points to make:

  • When explosive weapons are used in populated areas 90% of all the victims are civilians.
  • The humanitarian consequences of using explosive weapons in populated areas are disastrous. As well as death, injury, and psychological trauma ,some of the other disastrous consequences include the destruction of vital infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, and transport links, forced displacement, and a deadly legacy of explosive remnants of war.

Other statistics you could use:

  • The number of civilians killed by explosive weapons has increased by 165% since 2011.
  • In 2017, over 31,900 civilians were killed or injured by explosive weapons.
  • Nearly half of all the civilians killed and injured by explosive weapons were killed and injured in airstrikes.

What MPs can do:

  • Ask the government to ensure that the most effective policies and procedures are in place to maximise the protection of civilians.
    This should include but is not limited to updating the UK’s Protection of Civilians in Conflict Strategy to include a focus on the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. The UK government has recognised that there are humanitarian concerns over the use of explosive weapons in populated areas but can and should increase its efforts to protect civilians.
  • Meet with you at one of your MP's Constituency Surgeries or with you and Humanity & Inclusion in Parliament to discuss the issue and what they can do over the next few months. MPs can contact campaigns.uk@hi.org for more information.
  • Show support for the campaign by signing the Stop Bombing Civilians petition at http://bit.ly/ProtectCivilians-HI and sharing on social media.

We are here to help!

If you have any questions before sending your message please email us at campaigns.uk@hi.org.

Once you send your message, please let us know that you have contacted your MP and who your MP is. And please remember to let us know if you receive a response.

Send your message now

Enter your postcode in the form below to find your MP and contact them via writetothem.com. After submitting your message online you will receive an email from 'WriteToThem' asking you to confirm for the email to be sent.

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