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Forgotten 10 Challenge: Resources

Download your Action Pack for the Forgotten 10 Challenge, along with other resources.

The Forgotten 10 Challenge is 10 days of action to raise support and awareness for the forgotten victims of conflict.

Click here for more information about this year's campaign.

Download your resources

The resources below will help you plan an event, promote your activities, and get involved in our Stop Bombing Civilians campaign. Please click on the links to download the files.

Action Packs

Write to Your MP Packs (Stop Bombing Civilians)

  • Write to Your MP Pack for Clubs and local groups - Coming soon (pdf, 0.5 mb)
  • Write to Your MP for Schools - Coming soon (pdf, 0.5 mb)

Petition Packs (Stop Bombing Civilians petition)

  • Petition Pack for Clubs and local groups - Coming soon (pdf, 0.5 mb)
  • Petition Pack for Schools - Coming soon (pdf, 0.5 mb)

Media Pack

  • Media pack for Clubs, local groups and schools - Coming soon (pdf, 0.5 mb)

Quiz Pack

PowerPoint presentations and factsheets also available

A presentation and factsheets for schools and clubs are also available by email. Please email schools.uk@hi.org (for teachers) or campaigns.uk@hi.org (for clubs) to request your copies.


Stop Bombing Civilians logo

During recent armed conflicts, explosive weapons have been used on a massive scale, killing and injuring thousands of civilians.

When explosive weapons are used in populated areas, a shocking 92% of casualties are civilians.

Click here to find out more about the Stop Bombing Civilians campaign