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Earthquake in the Philippines: more than 37,000 families affected, HI ready to respond 07/11/19

Humanity & Inclusion has assessed the needs of victims after the Philippines was struck by several earthquakes between 16th and 31st October 2019. 

  • Philippines

"To see children with disabilities and their families celebrating their lives really changes the narrative" 23/10/19

Eddie Ndopu, Humanity & Inclusion's ambassador, recently travelled to Rwanda to discover how we are changing the lives of children with disabilities.

  • United Kingdom
  • Rwanda

“Many Venezuelan refugees in Colombia are very vulnerable emotionally and psychologically” 16/10/19

Gregory Le Blanc, Director of HI Colombia, tells us about the situation facing Venezuelan refugees in Colombia and describes HI's emergency response.

  • Colombia

Before disaster strikes: HI helps the most vulnerable to be better prepared 16/10/19

On the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on the 13th of October, HI experts explain how we aim to include everyone in resilience-building initiatives. 

  • Madagascar

“The war has made people withdraw into themselves" 16/10/19

Suad Al-Qadri works as a psychosocial support counsellor for HI in Sana'a, Yemen. She describes the mental condition of the patients assisted by HI and the impact of bombing on the psychological health of the city's inhabitants. 

  • Yemen

Blog: The bombing of civilians must stop now 03/10/19

Aleema Shivji, Executive Director of Humanity & Inclusion UK, explains the horrific impact the use of explosive weapons in populated area is having on civilians living in countries like Syria.

  • United Kingdom
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria

New report: Syrian victims of explosive weapons trapped in never-ending waiting list 30/09/19

New report “The Waiting List” calls on states to stop bombing civilians and to address the immediate and long-term needs of victims of explosive weapons in Syria and the wider region.

  • United Kingdom
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria

Vienna Conference on Protecting Civilians in Urban Warfare 30/09/19

The Vienna Conference is due to take place on 1st and 2nd October 2019. HI Disarmament and protection of civilians Advocacy Manager Alma Taslidžan Al-Osta explains the final preparations.

  • International

Earthquake in Pakistan: HI emergency teams on the ground 27/09/19

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit Punjab province (Jhelum city) in Pakistan on Tuesday 24th of September, killing at least 38 people and injuring 646. HI plans to offer its expertise in post-earthquake response and is currently conducting an evaluation of the needs of the more than 7,000 families affected.

  • Pakistan

6 months after the devastation of Cyclone Idai, the scars left in Mozambique remain 25/09/19

In March and April 2019, Mozambique was hit by two cyclones, including the violent Cyclone Idai. Here is an overview of HI's emergency response.

  • Mozambique

Yeminis are exhausted by four years of war 23/09/19

HI has been providing rehabilitation care and psychosocial support in eight health facilities in Sana'a since 2015 and in one of Aden's main hospitals since last July. Maud Bellon, HI’s head of mission, tells us about the unacceptable situation now facing civilians.  

  • Yemen

New partnership with NGA HR for a truly inclusive world 18/09/19

Humanity & Inclusion UK is proud to announce our new partnership with NGA HR.

  • United Kingdom
  • International

I’ve found 300 mines since I started my job 11/09/19

Jason Mudingay Lufuluabo is head of HI's mine clearance operations in Chad. He tells us about his work and how he became a mine clearance expert.

  • Chad

HI is helping over 85,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh 04/09/19

Two years after the mass influx of Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh, Humanity & Inclusion is still conducting emergency response work in the country.

  • Bangladesh

Western Mosul: ghost town 08/07/19

Between October 2016 and July 2017, Mosul, in Nineveh province, was the scene of heavy fighting. The intensive use of explosive weapons such as bombs and improvised mines was particularly destructive in the western half of the city. More than 500,000 people are still displaced in camps.


  • Iraq