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Yasser: losing everything at 12 19/03/19

Yasser, 12, was at home finishing his school work, as he did every night. Suddenly, a bomb struck his home and the explosion tore off his leg. Tragically hisfather was killed. Supported by Humanity & Inclusion Yasser is now fighting to rebuild his life. 

  • Yemen

Cyclone Idai puts hundreds of thousands at risk in Mozambique 15/03/19

Cyclone IDAI hit the coast of Mozambique overnight on Thursday. The city of Beira, with a population of more than 500,000, was directly affected by winds of 180 to 190 km/h accompanied by torrential rains.

  • Mozambique

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery support Humanity & Inclusion’s work on the Syria crisis 13/03/19

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery are generously supporting Humanity & Inclusion's work with injured and traumatised Syrian refugees and our Stop Bombing campaign to protect civilians.

  • United Kingdom
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria

Before I had my children, I didn't think about my amputation 13/03/19

Ibrahim lost his leg after being injured by shrapnel in Syria. Now walking again with a prosthesis, he has learnt to do his own repairs. But he is still facing barriers to being employed and his family struggles to get by.

  • Jordan

Humanity and Inclusion supports the victims of the F4 tornado in Cuba 13/03/19

On the 27th January 2019, a violent tornado heavily damaged several areas of Havana, Cuba’s capital city. Together with the 3 Cuban Disabled People’s Organizations, Humanity & Inclusion launched a series of actions to understand needs and help the population affected by the disaster. 

  • Cuba

Identifying disabled children for school enrolment 11/03/19

Mohammed is a community volunteer. Every day, he rides his motorbike through local neighbourhoods of Timbuktu, Mali, in search of children with disabilities who do not attend school. 

  • Mali

Yemen: Updates from our rehabilitation teams 10/03/19

A series of updates from Maud Bellon, director of HI in Yemen, describing the daily work of our rehabilitation teams in Sana'a.

  • Yemen

Testing mine detection drones in Chad 06/03/19

In Faya-Largeau (North Chad), HI has begun testing drones to detect mines and build up a detailed picture of what’s on the ground - a revolution in mine clearance practice. HI’s project manager Xavier Depreytere explains more.

  • Chad

Hope for a new mother following a traumatic brain injury 06/03/19

Humanity & Inclusion helps hospitals in Vietnam to establish and improve rehabilitation units in order to enhance care for patients with brain lesions.

  • Vietnam

British speech therapist helps establish new unit in Vietnam 06/03/19

Humanity & Inclusion is improving rehabilitation departments in hospitals for people with brain lesions in Vietnam. The organisation is currently helping set up the hospital's new speech therapy unit.


  • Vietnam

Indonesia: rehabilitation care for 800 casualties 06/03/19

Four months after Indonesia was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami, HI continues to assist victims of the disaster.

  • Indonesia

"Physiotherapy is the most important thing for my children" 06/03/19

Bayan, originally from Aleppo, Syria, has cerebral palsy. Thanks to Humanity & Inclusion, she is receiving rehabilitation care for first the time in her life.  

  • Lebanon

Rehabilitation and mental health in Lebanon 06/03/19

Since June 2017, psychosocial support and rehabilitation go hand in hand for children with disabilities in Lebanon thanks to Humanity & Inclusions’s partnership with the Mousawat rehabilitation centre in the Beqaa Valley. 

  • Lebanon

"The self-help group has given me hope again" 06/03/19

Abdel Kareem, 5, has cerebral palsy. Thanks to Humanity & Inclusion's partnership with the Mousawat rehabilitation centre in Lebanon, a mental health project was integrated into the rehabilitation process.

  • Lebanon

More than one million migrants in Colombia: HI prepares its possible response 04/03/19

Humanity & Inclusion is preparing to launch a possible emergency response in aid of Venezuelan refugees in Colombia.

  • Colombia