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Madagascar: The humanitarian impact of climate change 24/03/22

Increasing exposure to weather-related hazards creates significant need in Madagascar. Humanity & Inclusion develops adapted solutions.

  • Madagascar

Cyclone Emnati: Madagascar’s nightmare continues 22/02/22

Madagascar prepares for another intense tropical cyclone, Emnati, to make landfall Tuesday. HI accompanies targeted communities in their preparations and recovery.

  • Madagascar

“The most intense cyclone season I have seen” 21/02/22

Right after the devastating passage of cyclone Batsirai, Madagascar prepares for a new storm: Emnati. HI teams are doubling down on their emergency response efforts before it makes landfall.

  • Madagascar

Madagascar: Casualties from cyclone Batsirai continue to rise 10/02/22

Needs assessments across cyclone-affected regions of Madagascar reveal extensive damage. Humanity & Inclusion plans to supply distributions to families who have lost everything.

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Madagascar: The extent of Batsirai’s damage 07/02/22

On 5th and 6th February, cyclone Batsirai tore across Madagascar, devastating communities along the way. In the aftermath, Humanity & Inclusion is assessing the damage and needs of the most vulnerable.

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Protecting the most vulnerable from cyclone Batsirai 07/02/22

As cyclone Batsirai tears its way across Madagascar, HI identifies safe and accessible shelter for the most vulnerable populations.

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Cyclone Batsirai advances across Madagascar 06/02/22

Humanity & Inclusion teams begin initial assessments after cyclone Batsirai makes landfall.

  • Madagascar

Helping the most vulnerable stay safe 04/02/22

Cyclone Batsirai is expected to make landfall in Madagascar within hours. Humanity & Inclusion implements disaster preparedness projects in the country to protect the population.

  • Madagascar

“We’re preparing for the worst before the cyclone hits” 04/02/22

HI’s teams in Madagascar are preparing for the arrival of cyclone Batsirai, which is expected to make landfall on Friday night. Its intensity poses a grave danger to the most vulnerable people.

  • Madagascar

Cyclone BATSIRAI puts over 500,000 people at risk 03/02/22

A dangerous tropical cyclone is quickly approaching Madagascar, threatening hundreds of thousands. Humanity & Inclusion teams in the country prepare for disaster.

  • Madagascar

Imminent famine in Madagascar: HI provides urgent aid 30/09/21

Over 1 million people are facing severe food insecurity in southern Madagascar. Humanity & Inclusion's teams are supporting families and malnourished children at risk. More than 1,000 households have already been supported.

  • Madagascar

Famine risks childhood development in Madagascar 18/06/21

As food insecurity in Madagascar intensifies, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) uses stimulation therapy and food aid to prevent long-term disabilities in malnourished children.

  • Madagascar

HI provides urgent aid amidst devastating famine in Madagascar 02/06/21

With over 1 million people facing starvation in Madagascar, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) launches aid program to support families and malnourished children.

  • Madagascar

HI is helping to protect people with disabilities from Covid-19 15/12/20

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has adapted many of its projects in Madagascar to assist people with disabilities and reduce their vulnerability to the pandemic.

  • Madagascar

High-tech Recycling: HI re-uses donated artificial limbs to help children like Elinah 22/09/20

Volunteer orthopedic specialists in a workshop in Lyon, France, are changing the lives of people supported by Humanity & Inclusion (HI) around the world by reconditioning valuable prosthetic parts donated by amputees.

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