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HI is supporting a mental health hotline in Ukraine 19/05/22

With rising mental health and psychosocial support needs, the volunteer hotline allows affected populations in Ukraine to access services any time, from anywhere.

  • Ukraine

Vladimir survived an explosion 13/05/22

Vladimir survived an explosion in Ukraine, but suffered severe burns. HI is supporting his recovery with rehabilitation exercises and care to facilitate proper healing.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine: HI cares for patients wounded by war 11/05/22

Humanity & Inclusion rehabilitation specialists are working in Ukrainian hospitals to support burn and amputation patients in the ongoing conflict.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine : “I found HI and asked if I could help” 11/05/22

After fleeing his home during armed attacks, doctor and cultural mediator Denys Byzov joined Humanity & Inclusion’s emergency response to support his fellow Ukranians.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine: supporting children with disabilities 03/05/22

The people of western Ukraine are facing growing needs. Humanity & Inclusion is assisting a refuge for children with multiple disabilities by strengthening its care services.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine testimony : "At the end of February, my life changed" 26/04/22

Denys Byzov, a Kyiv resident and Humanity & Inclusion’s cultural mediator in Ukraine, shares his experience evacuating his family in armed conflict.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine: Assisting vulnerable people and their carers 26/04/22

Centres in eastern Ukraine are providing shelter to vulnerable people displaced by the conflict. Humanity & Inclusion’s support is vital to address the critical needs of both residents and carers.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine: "Refugees are in a state of shock. Many do not speak for days." 20/04/22

Caglar Tahiroglu, Humanity & Inclusion Emergency Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Manager in Ukraine explains the needs in mental health and psychological support.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine: Providing support where needs are the greatest 20/04/22

Across Ukraine, Humanity & Inclusion is supporting displaced persons and hospitals where needs are greatest.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine : "People have become refugees overnight" 20/04/22

Interview with Caglar Tahiroglu, Humanity & Inlcusion Emergency Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Manager in Ukraine.

  • Ukraine

HI cares for injured Ukrainians in armed conflict 07/04/22

Humanity & Inclusion supports the care of burn victims and amputees in Ukraine

  • Ukraine

Ukraine: HI trains health professionals in specialised physiotherapy 31/03/22

Humanity & Inclusion is providing specialised physiotherapy training to staff caring for burns patients in Ukrainian hospitals.

  • Ukraine

Western Ukraine: HI staff, Jeremie, describes the humanitarian situation 24/03/22

Jeremie, coordinator of Humanity & Inclusion's programmes, describes the humanitarian situation in western Ukraine.

  • Ukraine

Aid distribution begins in Ukraine 23/03/22

In Chernivtsi, a city in western Ukraine, Humanity & Inclusion is assisting host institutions for older people and people with disabilities displaced by the conflict.

  • Ukraine

HI activates its emergency response in Ukraine 17/03/22

After three weeks of intense armed conflict in Ukraine, the most affected populations remain isolated from humanitarian aid. Humanity & Inclusion prepares its response.

  • Ukraine