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HI is ready to mobilise its teams in Gaza to support the most vulnerable 13/05/21

The resurgence of violence between Israelis and Palestinians since 11th May has already left dozens dead and many others injured, including at least nine children. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) teams in Gaza are ready to mobilise and provide aid to the most vulnerable people, including those who are injured.

  • Palestine

Ihab is still recovering from injuries but COVID19 disrupts the assistance he needs 11/05/20

COVID-19 in Gaza means more isolation and despair for people with disabilities as the aid and services that usually support them have been suspended.

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Violence between Gaza and Israel: explosive weapons cause serious injuries 08/05/19

More than 30 people were killed in the exchanges of rocket fire and airstrikes between Gaza and Israel over the weekend. In Gaza, this escalation of violence could lead to a new wave of injuries, with surgical and rehabilitation services already overwhelmed.  

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Heightened tension in Gaza: preventing further casualties and disability risks 30/03/19

Days before the anniversary of the Great March of Return on 30th March, HI is concerned about growing tension in Gaza in recent weeks. Further violence could lead to a surge in injuries, placing further pressure on already overwhelmed surgical and rehabilitation services. HI is calling on all parties to exercise restraint and avoid violence with potentially disastrous consequences for civilians. 

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Hit by a bullet, first responder volunteer Zena loses her sight 12/09/18

During the demonstrations in Gaza, Zena gave first aid to the injured. Until she was hit by a bullet herself. Having lost the use of one eye, it’s Zena who now needs help. HI is providing her with care and psychological support.

  • Palestine

Rehabilitation care is essential for thousands injured in Gaza protests 30/05/18

More than 13,000 people have been injured since March following demonstrations on the border between Gaza and Israel. HI recently deployed 10 emergency teams to provide rehabilitation care and psychological support to affected people in Gaza.

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Gaza: HI deploys 10 rehabilitation teams to assist injured 24/05/18

The latest update on HI's emergency response to provide rehabilitation to people injured in the recent demonstrations in Gaza.

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Gaza: HI launches urgent response to support thousands of injured people 16/05/18

The number of people seriously injured during protests in Gaza continues to rise. HI field teams are responding with local partners to provide urgent rehabilitation care, mobility aids and psychosocial support to injured adults and children.

  • Palestine

Explosive remnants of war: children with disabilities need access to risk education 28/02/18

In Gaza, HI is working to ensure that all children, including disabled children can access risk education to prevent accidents.

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Gaza: Saving lives with risk education 07/07/16

The conflict that tore through Gaza in summer 2014 not only caused extensive material damage, it left nearly 10,000 unexploded devices behind, including rockets, missile warheads and bombs. Since March 2015, Handicap International’s teams have been raising the awareness of people living in the worst-affected neighbourhoods to prevent potentially deadly accidents. One such session, in Deir Al-Balah, led to the four unexploded devices being defused.

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Gaza: Turning rubble into accessible buildings 24/05/16

Erika Trabucco is one of Handicap International’s reconstruction and building accessibility specialists. An architect by training, from March 2015 to April 2016, she worked for Handicap International in Gaza to rebuild a hospital specialised in the care and treatment of people with disabilities and to improve the accessibility of public buildings for people with disabilities.

  • Palestine

As the bombing started, Odai couldn’t hear the danger 10/07/15

One year ago, the conflict that gripped Gaza during the summer of 2014 was just beginning. Odai Ali, 21, was at home helping on the family cattle farm, as he used to do most days.

  • Palestine

Gaza: one year after the conflict, civilians are still threated by explosive remnants of war 07/07/15

The lives of civilians in Gaza are still endangered by explosive remnants of war , one year after the outbreak of fighting between Israel and Palestinian on 7 July 2014. At least 4,500 explosive devices  are still buried under the rubble of houses and infrastructure destroyed during the 50-day conflict. Handicap International immediately supplied aid to the most vulnerable individuals and, since March, it has organised risk education sessions on explosive remnants of war to prevent more people falling victims to these weapons.

  • Palestine

Hamza helps his family avoid disaster 03/07/15

Following the 2014 conflict in Gaza, thousands of unexploded bombs and other ordnance (UXO) lay hidden under rubble and inside damaged buildings. Despite clearance efforts, Gaza is still contaminated by 4,500 items which pose a serious threat to civilians, many of whom do not realise that the bombs can still explode. To prevent injuries and deaths, Handicap International teams travel throughout Gaza educating residents - like Hamza - about what to do when they find potentially dangerous objects.

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“We need to protect civilians from explosive remnants of war” 01/07/15

The lives of civilians in the Gaza Strip are still at risk from explosive remnants of war, one year after the start of the conflict between Israel and Palestinian armed groups. Active in Gaza since 1996, Handicap International has been conducting risk education activities to help prevent accidents in the future. Guillaume Zerr, the head of Handicap International’s mission in the Palestinian Territories, explains more.

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