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Cape Verde

In Cape Verde, HI works with national stakeholders to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities and to promote their social and economic inclusion.

Participation of persons with disabilities in the carnival | ©ACARINHAR - Tó Gomes

Our actions

HI has been present in Cape Verde since 2006. Since the beginning of its intervention, 4 projects in the areas of physical rehabilitation and capacity building for disable persons organisations have been set up in the country. 

As part of a regional project, HI is improving access to data on the vulnerability of people with disabilities to HIV infection.  The association will increase the technical and organisational capacity of civil society organisations to advocate for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the fight against HIV/AIDS at national and regional level.

Areas of intervention


Map of HI's interventions in the Cape Verde islands

Even though development indicators have been rising sharply in the country for 10 years, structural poverty is still present.

The disparities between the islands of the archipelago are one of the greatest challenges facing Cape Verde. Poverty is linked to the fragility of the country, which has extremely low natural resources.

In recent years, Cape Verde has made progress on the issue of disability. The country signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which was ratified on 10 October 2011. Article 72 of the Constitution sets out a number of rights for persons with disabilities.

Key figures Cape Verde - HI
Key figures Cape Verde - HI
Where we work