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Handicap International works in Egypt to improve the daily lives of people with disabilities and champion their rights. The organisation focuses on women and young people, in particular those living in urban and peri-urban areas, and supports the social change the population aspires to in the wake of the 2011 Arab Spring.

Children smiling, Handicap International Egypt

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Our actions

Handicap International is collaborating with disabled people’s organisations in Egypt to build their capacity to defend their rights and monitor the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Particular attention is paid to the representation of women with disabilities. The organisation works for the better inclusion of people with disabilities within the economic system.

At the same time, Handicap International is running a project to ensure access to better quality healthcare for newborns and children aged 0 to 6, and in this way reduce the risk of them developing permanent disabilities. This project, which is being developed in the Asyut Governorate (Nile Valley), involves both health workers and the children’s parents. 

Areas of intervention

Latest stories

“Only when everyone is included in society will we be able to move forward”
© Elisa Fourt/HI

“Only when everyone is included in society will we be able to move forward”

This year, HI launched the “Idmag” project in Egypt, where the organisation is advancing the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace. The project’s manager, Kazem Hemeida, explains why this sort of initiative is so important. 

African States against the use of explosive weapons in populated areas
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Explosive weapons

African States against the use of explosive weapons in populated areas

From 27th to 28th November, Handicap International (HI) is organising a regional conference on the bombing of civilians. The Conference will take place in Maputo, Mozambique and aims to bring together some 20 States, 10 African civil society organisations and international NGOs. The goal is to raise awareness of this vital challenge among African countries and to encourage them to take action on the world stage to protect civilians from the devastating impact of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.


Egypt is a country where people with disabilities are overlooked.

Over the past four decades, both society and the political system in Egypt have evolved extremely rapidly. Since, 2011, a series of events has underlined the need for far-reaching changes in the status of young people in Egypt. Members of the Movement for the Rights of People with Disabilities, along with other stakeholders in Egyptian society, have all expressed their desire for change. They have successfully campaigned for the establishment of the National Council on Disability Affairs, an institution that now needs support in order to cement its legitimacy.

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