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Mohamad's Story: “I had a one-in-a-hundred chance of survival"

Explosive weapons Rehabilitation
Jordan Syria

Mohamad is one of thousands of victims who have experienced the impact of bombing in populated areas. After an explosion hit near his home in 2012, he became paralysed from the waist down. This is Mohamad's story of how he has learned to rebuild his life with support from Humanity & Inclusion (HI).

Malik in front of his home in Irbid, Jordan

Malik in front of his home in Irbid, Jordan | © S. Khalifat / HI

When Mohamad was walking home after work one evening in 2012, an explosion suddenly ripped through the air. He explains what happened next:

"I remember waking up four or five hours after the explosion in a field hospital. The first words I heard from the doctors were, ‘he has a one-in-a-hundred chance of survival’.

"The doctors at the hospital supported me through my surgery. I was so lucky to get this immediate medical care. The impact of the blast broke my hip so I was being treated for this fracture. In the process, I developed pelvic calcification."

"My health was very bad at the time and this had an impact on my mental health - I became very depressed. However, after my surgery I lay on my back for about six months before I moved to Jordan for essential long term medical support."

"Thanks to Humanity & Inclusion, I've received rehabilitation care as well as physical equipment such as a medical device, a bed, a wheelchair, a walking frame, casts, and a specialised chair for the bathroom. These pieces of equipment have been a huge help in my recovery."

"In saying this, it’s hard to adapt to a new way of living. I had problems accepting my disabilities and it has taken me a long time to come to terms with my conditions."

"Life was different before my injury. I worked in the stone-dressing business, I used to go out with my friends, I enjoyed swimming and I also liked riding my motorbike. I can't do these things in the same way anymore."

"I've tried really hard to force myself to start new things. I have completed a training course in crafts - assembling accessories, creating perfumes, and making candles - and now I have become a teacher myself! We recently organised an exhibition at the Arabela shopping centre in Irbid. It was such a great experience."

HI's work on explosive weapons

Increasingly, armed conflicts are taking place in populated urban areas, where explosive weapons are being used on a massive scale, killing and injuring thousands of civilians.

Analysis over the last 10 years shows that when explosive weapons are used in populated areas a shocking 90% of casualties are civilians. In 2019 alone, 29,485 people were killed or injured by explosive weapons. The death toll keeps on rising.

So many people have been left injured or disabled with their lives and livelihoods completely ruined. It is our mission at Humanity & Inclusion to ensure that these innocent victims of conflict are not forgotten and to put an end to the indiscriminate bombing of towns and cities.

Civilians in countries including Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan are innocent victims of war - children, men and women who are going about their daily lives when these bombs strike. They end up traumatised, severely injured and many have to endure the loss of parents or loved ones.

At Humanity & Inclusion, we want to stop more innocent people like Mohamad being hurt. We are determined to stop the bombing of civilians. If you want to join our huge people-powered movement to Stop Bombing Civilians, the first thing you can do is to sign our petition now.

Date published: 03/03/21


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