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Adbullah receives support from HI in Yemen

Explosive weapons Rehabilitation

Abdullah is 12 years old. In December 2019, he was seriously injured in an airstrike when he was playing outside with his friends. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) have supported Abdullah since the attack. This is his story.

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Abdullah lives with 11 brothers and sisters in a small house near Al-Hudaida where until recently there were scenes of heavy fighting and air attacks. The family does not have access to health services, electricity, food or water. The nearest school is miles away from their village.

Abdullah and his friends were playing outside when an airstrike hit in December 2019. His cousin was killed in the attack. Like a brother to him, his death deeply affected Abdullah.

Immediately after the accident, Abdullah was rushed to Al Kuwait Hospital in Sana'a, in the hope of saving his life. He stayed in hospital for almost a month.The doctors had to amputate Abdullah's leg to save his life. Equally devastating for a young boy, he also thought he would never play, walk or run again.

Extremely poor, his family didn’t know he could be fitted with a prosthesis.However, when Humanity & Inclusion (HI)’s team met Abdullah, they supported him with psychological sessions and rehabilitation care, starting with a wheelchair and axillary crutches. He was then fitted with a prosthesis and given rehabilitation sessions to help him walk again.

At first, Abdullah was extremely traumatised. He was afraid of the doctors who came to see him and found it difficult to stay calm whenever the physiotherapist tried to do rehabilitation exercises with him. He was completely lost. Everything frightened him. HI’s team took the time to reassure him and build his confidence.

Thanks to his extreme determination, Abdullah can now walk confidently with his prosthesis which will need to be adapted as he grows. He has a lot of support from his older brother who now takes care of him. As his caregiver, his older brother has been educated by HI on how to help Abdullah maintain and clean his prostheses.

Date published: 18/03/21


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