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Despite COVID-19, Sreyoun continued her rehabilitation sessions

Health Rehabilitation

The COVID-19 crisis hasn’t stopped Sreyoun’s mother and the Humanity & Inclusion team in Cambodia from finding ways to help her progress. Seeing Sreyoun thrive is a dream come true for her mother.

Sreyoun during a rehabilitation session

Sreyoun during a rehabilitation session | © HI

The Humanity & Inclusion (HI) team at the Kampong Cham centre have continued to support Sreyoun despite the COVID-19 pandemic. HI encourages her to become more independent with daily rehabilitation exercises.

Sreyoun is 36 months old and lives with her parents in a village two kilometres away from the physical rehabilitation centre of Kampong Cham run by HI. She lives with congenital cerebral palsy. She was referred to the rehabilitation centre when she was 14 months old. Initially, Sreyoun received physiotherapy care three times a week and her mother practiced exercises with her every day at home.

Sreyoun's mother was determined to continue practicing the exercises

The overall context changed drastically in March 2020, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first cases in Cambodia and the closure of the borders. To guarantee the safety of our staff and beneficiaries, HI took the hard decision to temporarily close the centre. Sreyoun and her mother had to stop visiting the centre but Sreyoun's mother was determined to continue practicing the exercises taught by the physiotherapists with her daughter at home.

Remote rehabilitation

HI’s management team was closely monitoring the crisis as well as the recommendations of the government. By April, HI had rapidly developed different ways of working in order to stay safe whilst helping individuals requiring rehabilitation support. This included setting up telerehabilitation, which made it possible to monitor and coach beneficiaries, including Sreyoun, remotely. HI was also able to share COVID-19 inclusive awareness messages with beneficiaries and staff to help them to protect themselves from the virus.

Rehabilitation sessions resume

In June 2020, Sreyoun was able to go back the rehabilitation centre. In order to respect the COVID-19 preventive measures, Mr. Khim Phirum, the physiotherapist, showed the exercises to her mother using a manikin.

Sreyoun's mother says,

"My daughter is getting better and better. She can move her arms, hold objects, sit, and stand with support. I continue practicing physiotherapy exercises with my daughter at home. I really hope she will stand independently soon."

Sreyoun continues to make great progress

Today, the activities at the rehabilitation centre have almost returned to normal. Despite the challenge presented by Covid-19, the number of consultations, fittings provided and rehabilitation sessions is likely to match last years total of more than 2,500 – an achievement to be proud of! And little Sreyoun continues to make great progress!

Date published: 22/12/20


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