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Handicap International becomes Humanity & Inclusion

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Introducing our new brand and answering your questions about the changes.

Humanity & Inclusion logo

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Handicap International is pleased to unveil its new name: Humanity & Inclusion.

Our new name expresses one of our organisation's core values, humanity, and the ambition that has driven our work for the last 35 years, the inclusion of people overlooked or ignored by humanitarian response and development programmes, and communities around the world.” explains Aleema Shivji, Executive Director of Humanity & Inclusion UK.

Launch event in Parliament

The launch of the new brand was celebrated with an event at the Speaker’s House in the Houses of Parliament on 24th January. We were delighted that the Secretary of State for International Development, Penny Mordaunt, gave a key note speech at the event.

Only when all are able to reach their full potential, will nations and humanity be able to reach theirs,” said the Secretary of State for International Development during her speech, emphasising the importance to leave no one behind.

People with disabilities suffer appalling and entrenched stigma and discrimination, and in many parts of the world they simply don’t count. This cannot continue - which is why I have put disability at the heart of UK aid to make those invisible visible.” she added.

One of the organisation’s first beneficiaries, Gniep, who lost her leg to a landmine in Cambodia, also participated in the event, telling guests about her inspiring story and how HI's support has impacted her life.

HI has been driven by innovation since its creation. During the event we presented some of our most innovative projects  - the use of 3D printing technology for prosthetics, the use of drones to clear landmines and the use of innovative software to make education projects more inclusive.

Embracing our history and our future

Founded by two French doctors in 1982, Handicap International took its name from the French word for ‘disability’ and in many countries around the world our organisation is a source of hope for people with disabilities of all ages. We are proud of who we are and of our history. Our work as a ground breaking, Nobel peace prize-winning organisation will never be forgotten.

Over the years – as people with disabilities have rightly taken ownership of the terminology used to describe impairment and disability – many of the words, including ‘handicap’, which were once in common use are deemed derogatory or disempowering by the people they are used to describe. For this reason we feel they should no longer be used and we are excited that our new name and logo better reflects the values we share and the programmes you support.

Is our work going to change?

HI's actions focus on the most vulnerable groups in the poorest countries of the world and that is not going to change.

Whether it is clearing unexploded bombs to prevent injuries and deaths of innocent people, giving disabled children better access to education, providing rehabilitation and psychological support, or quickly responding to an emergency due to conflict or disaster, our projects will continue to provide hope and practical support.

How was the new brand developed?

With the help of the Canadian agency, Cossette, we have developed a visual identity which reflects our values and mission. A key part of this is a strong and meaningful new logo (see above).

We have also launched a new campaign with a simple message: “Be a lifeline to the most vulnerable”.

The campaign was designed pro bono by the agency, Cossette. Olivier Staub directed the campaign's film, which was produced by Morrison Films, and he also produced the photos for the campaign, all pro bono. The Canadian singer, Feist, kindly lent her voice to the English versions of the film.

See the new campaign

How much did it cost?

We understand that some of our supporters may be concerned about the costs incurred in a rebrand, but we want to assure you that only 37p from each of our supporters was used in developing our new name. The rest of the services required were provided to us free of charge by kind partners and by utilising in house facilities.

Any questions?

We love hearing from our supporters so please, if you have any questions about the rebrand or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us free of charge by calling 0330 555 0156 or emailing supportercare.uk[at]hi.org.

Thank you!

Thank you once again to all our donors for your amazing support. Over the coming months (and hopefully years) we look forward to working together to continue to improve the lives of disabled and vulnerable people all over the world.

Where we work

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