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The floor is lava! game is a reminder of danger posed by landmines

Explosive weapons

"The floor is lava" is taking the internet by storm. But for some, it's not a game.


Imagine that every step you take puts your life in danger. Imagine that every child's playtime could lead to death or serious injury. In 56 countries worldwide, this is the reality for many people, living with the hidden danger of landmines.

Landmines don't differentiate between the foot of a child or a soldier.

Every day, landmines and explosive remnants of war claim 18 new victims. Survivors need support to relearn how to walk and be independent. And children should be able to play again without fear.

Together we can make a difference:

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? Text HIUK01 £5 to 70070 to donate to Handicap International UK by text message.

? Sign the petition to Stop Bombing Civilians

Many thanks to Leo Burnett Brussels for producing this video.

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For a Mine-Free World by 2025
© G. Lordet / HI
Explosive weapons Rights

For a Mine-Free World by 2025

The Fourth Review Conference for a Mine Free World, which HI participated in, closed on Friday 29 November in Oslo, Norway. State Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty adopted a five-year action plan to ensure mine clearance and other treaty obligations are met by 2025.

Toward a political declaration against bombing in populated areas
© HI
Explosive weapons

Toward a political declaration against bombing in populated areas

On Monday 18th November at the United Nations in Geneva, States’ delegations, militaries, UN agencies and civil society are gathering to start discussions on a political declaration against the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.

“The war has made people withdraw into themselves"
© Gilles Lordet / HI
Explosive weapons Rehabilitation

“The war has made people withdraw into themselves"

Suad Al-Qadri works as a psychosocial support counsellor for HI in Sana'a, Yemen. She describes the mental condition of the patients assisted by HI and the impact of bombing on the psychological health of the city's inhabitants.