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Rishi recovers from Covid-19

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Nepal United Kingdom

Meet Rishi from Nepal who recently recovered from Covid-19. As part of the Inclusive Futures program, Rishi shared the story of his recovery with Humanity & Inclusion's team.

Rish from Nepal, Inclusive Futures programme

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Rishi works with a disabled people's organization and advocates for the rights of people with disabilities. The story of Rishi is also being aired through Nepal Television, the oldest and most-watched television channel in Nepal, for a month starting from 4th December 2020.


"I became infected with Covid-19 whilst I was at work in a Disabled Organization in Kathmandu," explains Rishi.

"After contracting the infection, I lost my appetite and could not sleep for two days. I felt very restless. On the one hand, I was very scared that I might die from Covid-19, and on the other hand, I had a growing concern about how society would react towards me after the recovery."

"In addition, I experienced many difficulties during isolation due to my disability and this made it hard to manage my symptoms such as a fever and diarrhoea."

"Due to the love, support and advice from my family, friends and neighbors my confidence was restored. I paid attention to sanitation and hygiene, started exercising daily and drank lots of hot liquid and ate nutritious foods."

"Currently, in addition to attending my office on a regular basis I have also started participating in other daily activities.

"While talking to someone who has Covid-19, it is very important to encourage them to follow all of the health guidelines and provide them with lots of positive energy and encouragement.”

This project is part of the Inclusive Futures Initiative which is funded by UK aid from the British people. More information is available at

As part of Inclusive Futures, HI is implementing 1) COVID response activities for people with disabilities, ii) Inclusive Education, and iii) Reproductive Health and Livelihoods activities in the districts of Surkhet and Chitwan in Nepal.  

Date published: 16/12/20


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